13:00, presentation of cooperative “Taste of home” (Iva Grubiša) // in English
Taste of Home is a culinary- language- cultural based cooperative gathering refugees, asylants, asylum seekers, individuals and groups with a migrant background and local fans of culinary arts, languages and culture. Through social enterpreneurship it tries to push the economic emancipation of refugees, qualitative integration and to create an open space for intercultural dialog. Taste of Home is led by the principals of horizontal business management, solidarity, inclusivity and sustainable development.

Parkticipacija, an organisation for the promotion of urban permaculture, deals with the promotion of sustainable local production and food supply (such as urban gardens and solidarity exchange groups), responsible management of resources related to production, supply and disposal of food (such as composting and prevention of food waste) and sustainable practices of good economy, as well as strengthening citizens’ self-organization and supporting social transition towards sustainable and resilient communities. Parkticipacija is committed to promoting permaculture values and practices in urban areas by increasing biodiversity of urban areas and involving the community in decisions about the design of urban space.