Evening programme

Thursday, 13/10, 21h, Zagreb dance center, Ilica 10
Benefit dance performance

BADco: The Stranger

BADco_Stranac_photo_arhiva Dubrovačkih ljetnih igara_1

BADco. The Stranger / Stranac, photo: archive of Dubrovnik Summer Games, arhiva Dubrovačkih ljetnih igara

Inspired by the novel “The Stranger” by Albert Camus

Departing from the problem of the absence of (com)passion and expected emotional reactions, the STRANGER project, using Camus’s antihero Meursault, provides a view of the social and systemic hypocrisies that are hidden behind relationships based on transparency. This stage reading of THE STRANGER focuses on three dominant images borrowed from the novel: the situation of confession, prison, and the moment of the murder itself as the point where all of the novel’s forces accumulate. Shedding light on a narrative and discourse as an attempt to explain what happened generates the level of confession, the law of transparency. Constructing a transparent choreographic score examines, in terms of mise-en-scène, the performative potency of the situations and atmospheres inscribed in the novel. Finally, with light literally shed upon it, the murder, as the central point in the narrative, is presented as a tableau of a continual threat and a stage image that constantly remains incomplete in the spectator’s eye, in its poetic character, always incomplete in waiting for a visual release, unclear because too clear.

Goran Sergej Pristaš –  directing
Goran Ferčec – dramaturgy and text
Nikolina Pristaš – choreography and performance
Zrinka Užbinec – choreography and performance
Ana Kreitmeyer – choreography and performance
Petar Milat – textual contribution and performance
Alen Sinkauz – music and performance
Nenad Sinkauz – music and performance
Siniša Ilić – drawings and stage design
Silvio Vujičić – costume design
Alan Vukelić – light design
Jasmin Dasović – sound design
Iva Dežmar – mask
Lovro Rumiha – production

BADco. is a collaborative performance collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. The artistic core of the collective are Ivana Ivković, Ana Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Nikolina Pristaš, Lovro Rumiha and Zrinka Užbinec.

As a combination of three choreographers / dancers, two dramaturgs and one philosopher, plus the company production manager, since its beginning (2000), BADco. systematically focuses on the research of protocols of performing, presenting and observing by structuring its projects around diverse formal and perceptual relations and contexts. Reconfiguring established relations between performance and audience, challenging perspectival givens and architectonics of performance, problematizing of communicational structures – all of that makes BADco. an internationally significant artistic phenomenon and one of the most differentiated performance experiences.

More: https://badco.hr/badco/

Friday, 14/10, 19:00, key note, Academy of Performing Arts, Frankopanska 22
Rustom Bharucha:
Rethinking interculturalism from performance to policy


In this dialogic intervention, Rustom Bharucha will map how ‘interculturalism’ as a category has been used in Euro-American performance practice and theory since the 1970s.  He will call attention to some of the primary motifs underlying his critique of interculturalism within the larger ethos of liberal individualism by focusing on the politics of appropriation, decontextualization, the exotic use of the Other and cultural tourism. Against this background, he will position how interculturalism as a policy is now being advocated widely in Europe by politicians and policy-makers, more often than not as a backlash to the perceived failures of multiculturalism.  Highlighting the schism that exists between the performative discourse of interculturalism and its contemporary usage in debates around public policy, he will throw out some critical speculations on what can be learned at the level of policy from creative interactions in the performance sector, with particular attention to the marginalized sectors of society.  To what extent can the building of an intercultural centre in Zagreb be viewed as a performative experiment in social transformation?


Saturday, 15/10, 20 h, Pogon (Pogon, Trnjanski nasip bb)
Damir Bartol Indoš: One or More Schachtofphones


Damir Bartol Indoš presents One or More Schachtophones in Mochvara Gallery – his new audio-visual installation and a sound sculpture made out of springs for 10 performers. The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 15th at 8.00 p.m. with the performance E.P.Z. in the large hall of Pogon Jedinstvo, and it stays open October 16-17, 2016 from 5.00 to 8.00 p.m.
The installation is the basis for two works by D.B. Indoš: the performance E.P.Z. and the reflectophon installation/performance 9,81 m of Accelerationism.
The performance E.P.Z. relies on the poetry of William S. Burroughs and an african horror story. By investigating the word “virus” in its auditive qualities and meaning, the narrative of the performance is based on the Ebola Zero Patient of the West African Ebola epidemy – a boy who is believed to have caught the virus by playing an instrument made out of wood in which infected bats were living in, and thus triggering the epidemy. The second work 9,81 m of Accelerationism is based on an artistic fusion of texts#Accelerate: Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics by N. Srnicek and A. Williams, #Celerity: A Critique of the Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics and On Acceleration by Vlado Kristl. It practices the thesis saying that “The spiral snakes are much more complex than the trenches of moles”: Schachtophonist mole in the interior of the construction and Schachtophonist snake in the exterior perform the textual fragments recorded and spoken in reflectophones, in 3 x 4 vocal and instrumental units in 9,81 minutes of duration. Mechanical bodies of arms enter the space of mechanical bodies of springs, they cross and stretch the springs, forearms, upper arms, hands, fists and fingers in the maximum vicinity to the spirals in search for a pinch of phony. The springs make the arms vibrate, sonify their molecules, producing phony with arms-springs.
E.P.Z. is performed by Damir Bartol Indoš, Tanja Vrvilo and Helge Hinteregger. 9,81 m of Accelerationism is performed by Damir Bartol Indoš and Tanja Vrvilo.
Damir Bartol Indoš, performer and theatre artist, he creates experimental music instruments, sound sculptures called Schachtophones and graphic partitures. As initiator of the Kugla Group during the 1980s he did a number of performances (Gigan Affair, Unmuffled Vibrations, Sixth Allelomorph, etc.). As DB Indoš House of Extreme Music Theater, from the 1990s, he created a series of projects and world tours with a variety of foreign and domestic artists and musicians. Since 2005, in coproduction with the SC Culture of Change, the &TD Theatre and in creative collaboration with Tanja Vrvilo he has produced performances Chinese Roulette, The Enchantment, Green Green, Book of the Dead (joint direction with Zlatko Burić), Anti-Oedipus and others. He has taken part in various international festivals at home and abroad such as Fringe Festival (Edinburgh), Klangarten Festival (Linz), Franklin Furnace (New York), Roskilde festival, Translacije (Piotrkow), Eurokaz (Zagreb), Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Minds (Zagreb), CAMP – International Festival of Visual Music (Zagreb). He is a permanent collaborator of the &TD Theatre, a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association and the Association of Fine Art Artists ULUPUH. He won the City of Zagreb Medal for promotion of alternative culture in 2009, and was winner of the first prize in the T-HT@MSU competition in 2012 for the sound sculpture Schachtophone. Together with Tanja Vrvilo he won the group award of the Croatian selection at the Prague Quadrennial in 2015.
organizers: Culture Development Association “URK” + Mochvara Club & KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Operation City: Upgrade
media partners: H-alter, Kulturpunkt, Radio Student
supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, Kultura Nova Foundation
The programme is organised in collaboration with the platform “Operation City: Upgrade” within the programme of the conference “Open City: towards the Intercultural community center”.